Who from my delegation gets access to the eVoting system during the Arab Scout Conference?

Each Member Organization has the right to one (1) vote during the Conference, with the exception of the elections where each Member will have the right to one (1) vote per vacancy in the positions that are being voted on. The number of votes are not allocated by the number of delegates. As the primary point of contact for the delegation, the Head of Delegation is assigned to receive the single access credential to the eVoting system. It is the responsibility of the Head of Delegation to liaise with the rest of the delegation to decide on how the delegation wishes to cast their vote. All votes of the Member Organization is thus submitted on the system by the person who holds the credentials to login on behalf of the Member Organization.


Other delegation members or guests of the Conference will not be granted access to the eVoting system but can follow along with the voting process through the plenary session.

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