Organisation appointees on the Directory

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General NSO Admins
Each organisation profile has a list of key appointees which are only visible to users with access to view the Directory. Having a list of current appointees allows World Scouting to keep an official record and to provide the opportunity for people to network and connect with each other. 
In general, the standard appointment titles to assign to a person on the Directory are generic and adaptable to your NSO’s context. These include standard appointment titles such as Secretary General, Chief Commissioner, Chief Scout, Youth Programme, etc. 
The below standard appointment titles in the Directory have key roles with WOSM:
  • International Commissioner - typically official contact with WOSM
  • WOSM Annual Registration Fee - to receive fee invoice for processing
  • Members Portal Admin - is admin for updating NSO information on the Directory and Data Portal
  • Scout Donation Platform - is admin for helping to approve and process projects
  • Topic areas (ie Communications, Growth, JOTA-JOTI, Partnerships and Resource Mobilisation, Safe from Harm, Messengers of Peace, SCENES, etc) - are individuals specialised on the topic area to be point of contact, act as the coordinator of the area of work for the NSO or who should join networks established as communities of practice

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