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To make sure Scouting worldwide supports the highest safeguarding standards, all National Scout Organizations (NSOs) are requested to submit their Safe from Harm Self-Assessment through a digital tool. This will allow an easier process and management of data collection.
Use the Safe from Harm Self-Assessment Guidelines for further guidance on preparing for and conducting a self-assessment. 

Access to the digital tool

Official Contacts or Safe from Harm coordinators can request a unique URL to access the digital self-assessment tool to submit their self-assessment for their organisation. 

The requestor's details will be verified on the World Scouting Directory before the link is emailed within 48 hours during business days. 

From the unique URL, the NSO representative can login with their user account. 


Submitting your NSO's self-assessment online

Follow this tutorial step by step through the process of how to submit your organisation's Safe from Harm Self-Assessment online. 



Next steps and support

You will receive feedback from your Regional Support Center on your Safe from Harm assessment within 8 weeks of submission.
If you need any further support to complete your self-assessment, you can reach out to your Regional Support Center or visit the Safe from Harm service page

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