What does or does not count as a service?

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There are lots of activities that WOSM may carry out that we consider of service to an NSO. However a WOSM Service has specific criteria to ensure that a WOSM Service is something that has been considered and tailored to an NSO in a way that will ensure long lasting impact across the member organisation.  For something to meet the standards for a WOSM Service it must meet all the criteria below. 
  • It will have significant impact on a National Scout Organization (NSO), help strengthen their capacity or improve operations
  • The activity has a clear, planned outcome and progress can be measured and evaluated through key performance indicators (KPIs) or other methods
  • The activity involves several stakeholders of the NSO to ensure that the service meets the right needs  
  • The activity will be delivered with more than one individual from the NSO to ensure that the service impact will be long lasting and embedded in the organisation 
  • The activity requires significant work and dedication in terms of communication and coordination with an NSO
  • The service will last more than eight hours minimum. 
  • The NSO will be involved with a clear plan for follow up on the actions
If you answered yes to all of the above criteria, then your activity qualifies as a service request!
Examples of activities that are not categorised as service request:
  • Attending and delivering a speech at general assemblies and other constitutional meetings.   
  • Official visits that do not involve in-depth work on a specific area, concrete outcomes, or impact to an NSO.    
  • Phone calls or email exchanges involving a limited number of people and a short term outcome, such as pointing towards a resource or answering one or more questions.
  • Organising and delivering one or two sessions on a specific topic at a national or international event but without any follow-up support, such as at the academy, Moot, or Jamboree.
  • Regular visits to NSOs or general exchanges with an NSO's leadership that do not originate from or result in a structured consultancy project.
  • Regional or global network meetings designed for the general sharing of expertise and best practices among leaders with similar positions in their NSOs and that do not include training.
  • Regional or world events for young people not originating from or resulting in a structured consultancy project, such as Jamborees, Moots, and JOTA-JOTI.
  • Training not originating from or resulting in a structured consultancy project, such as at Regional or World seminars, forums, and congresses.

If delivery is focused longer-term training based on needs identified at the regional, global, or NSO level, this would be a service provided there are concrete outcomes and action plans that may result in further service requests. The academy would not count as a service if there are no concrete outputs or training lasts less than a few hours.


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