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A community service project is a project that was planned and implemented by Scouts in any part of the world that somehow benefits the community where the project was carried out.
A community service project should benefit the broader community outside of the Scouting Movement. For example, a community clean-up or tree-planting activity is a community service project.
While regular Scout meetings, training, camps, etc. are wonderful activities, they are not considered community service projects.

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Examples of community service projects

There are countless ways in which Scouts benefit others through community service projects. In fact, we are constantly amazed by the great ideas and projects that are implemented by Scouts around the world!
Community service projects arise when Scouts identify problems or areas for improvement and apply their innovation, teamwork and problem-solving skills to help.
To name a few examples, Scouts might:
  • help with food delivery to people affected by floods
  • plant 300 trees in the local village
  • organise a workshop for local high school students to learn about mental health
  • collect 500 kg of plastic waste on the local beaches
  • repaint a school in the community
  • etc.
Better yet, get inspired by the true stories of Scouts helping their communities by visiting

  What is not considered as a community service project

Regular Scout activities like meetings, training and camps are not considered community service projects. Instead, you can share these as blog entries. Blog entries could cover activities like:

  • Scout meeting where you learned about knots
  • Scouts having fun at the regional jamboree
  • Messengers of Peace or Earth Tribe workshop for Rover Scouts
  • JOTA-JOTI meeting with a local Scout Group
  • International Peace Day celebration
  • etc.

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