How to guide: Uploading community service projects on the Scouts for SDGs Hub

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Community service projects which are planned and implemented by Scouts can be recorded on the Scouts for SDG's Hub. Learn more about what are community service projects in this article


Uploading community service projects

You can upload your projects on by clicking on “Take Action,” then choosing “Community Service Project.” Follow the instructions and answer all of the questions. 

Approval and publication of community service projects

Your project will be reviewed within one week after sending it for review. After the team reviews your project, it will either be published, sent back to you for correction, or archived (if it does not meet the requirements).
This approval and publication step helps us moderate content for quality and prevents posts which don’t meet our community guidelines, including spam or offensive content.

Sharing community service projects

Every project submission needs to be reviewed and approved by a member of our team. After the approval and publication of the project it will be visible to others and you can share with your friends!

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