How do I access the eVoting system to vote?

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The Delegate(s) assigned with the voting credential(s) will receive an invitation to activate their account on the eVoting system through their registered email address. Once received, the delegate should click on the unique link which will prompt a personalised password to be set. Upon confirming the password, the account is then activated.
Note that the link provided in the invitation email will expire once you have activated your account.
The link to access the eVoting system is:  
For future login to the eVoting system, we recommend that you bookmark the address for easy access throughout the event. 
If you experience problems with logging in, please make sure that:
  • you are the Head of Delegation or are authorised by the Head of Delegation to use the eVoting system;
  • your internet connection is stable;
  • you are using a laptop or desktop computer, not a phone;
  • you are using one of the recommended browsers (Google Chrome, Safari, and Microsoft Edge);
  • you remember the unique password you set upon creating your account;
  • you check that your password manager has saved and is inputting the correct login credentials (note this login is different than;
  • you are only logged in to 1 browser or device at a time (it’s a security measure); if you are logged in somewhere else, please make sure to log out first.
If none of the above solves your problem, please contact for support. 

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