How can I cast a vote?

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Here are the steps of how a delegation can cast their vote:
  1. Login to the eVoting system and select the correct event to be ready to cast your vote.
  2. When a vote is activated it will show on the left side of the screen under the active vote header. 
  3. Click on the active vote. 
  4. The details of the selected vote will appear on the right side of your screen with the options to cast your vote.
    • If the “split vote” setting is activated for the vote and you wish to split your vote, click on the “Split Vote” slider button to enable the function. Then allocate your votes accordingly across the desired vote options. 
    • Depending on the size of your browser, the split vote will appear as a dropdown selection (scroll the dropdown for all options) or as a row with easy select options depending on the number of votes allocated per voter. You can select or unselect each option by clicking on it.
  5. Carefully review your vote allocation and make sure it is correct. Note that once you have cast your vote, no further changes can be made. 
  6. Confirm your vote by clicking the “Confirm Vote” button. As a measure of caution, the confirm button will only activate once you have allocated your votes according to the voting protocol.
  7. A confirmation message that your vote has been submitted will appear. 
  8. Once the vote is closed, the results will appear if it is a Public Vote. For Public Votes you can see the overall results of the vote, and also how your delegation voted. If the vote was a Secret Vote, then you can only see the overall results once they have been published by the Administrator, you will not be able to see how you or others voted as it was a Secret Vote.
If you experience problems with voting, please make sure that:
  • you have been assigned with voting credentials;
  • your voting account has voting enabled and you have not been disabled from voting by the Administrator;
  • you have allocated your votes according to the voting protocol for the specific vote;
  • your internet connection is stable;
  • you are using one of the recommended browsers (Google Chrome, Safari, and Microsoft Edge);
  • you are using a laptop or desktop computer, not a phone;
  • you are only logged in to 1 browser or device at a time (it’s a security measure); if you are logged in somewhere else, please make sure to log out first.

Video tutorial: How to cast a simple motion vote on World Scouting eVoting System

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