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General NSO Admins
Having persons in the Directory with appointments within WOSM helps us as an organisation to keep official records of key contact persons and support networking with other Scouting individuals to better support the delivery of Scouting around the world.
All persons listed in the Directory are required to have at least one appointment with WOSM. Some persons may have several appointments either with their NSO, or across different organisations in the Directory like committees and operational structures. 
For those with access to the Directory, profiles of persons can be viewed to see important information like which appointments they have and contact information they have made visible. 

Searching for persons

The search and filter options can be used to locate a profile of a person that is in the Directory. Special accents, order of the name and spelling needs to be exact for people to appear in the search results. Once a person is identified in the search results, their profile can be selected to view more details.

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