NSO Annual Reporting to WOSM

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The membership requirements for annual reporting and Safe from Harm, outlined in the Constitution of WOSM (Article VII.3.c and Article V.5.e), help to promote our shared goals of ensuring accountability, transparency, and a safer environment within NSOs and across the Scout Movement. 
Please remember that annual reporting is also a requirement when applying for World Scouting grants and Member Organizations must be fully compliant with the annual reporting cycle of at least the year proceeding a grant application. For an interim phase, Member Organizations applying for a grant that are not currently able to fulfil some or all of the Safe from Harm components of the annual reporting must either be already signed up or request a WOSM Service on Safe from Harm to show their active progress and commitment towards ensuring a safe environment for all.

NSO annual reporting requirements

Organisations are asked to update or submit the following on the WOSM Members Portal as part of their annual reporting to WOSM.  
  • Contact information – organisation details and appointees list
  • Safe from Harm - a Safe from Harm coordinator and key documents
  • Census – member count and estimated beneficiaries
  • Reports – annual activities report and financial statement
Further guidance on how to update and submit this information on the WOSM Members Portal can be accessed through the various support articles found in this section of support.scout.org.


Reporting for NSO Federations

Federations are expected to ensure that not only do they submit the required annual reporting to WOSM, but that all their constituent associations also meet the requirements by the annual deadline. 

 Federation membership census

The membership census of the NSO Federation is a consolidation of the census submissions of all of its constituent associations. The census can only be submitted through the constituent associations and cannot be submitted at the Federation level.


Deadline for annual reporting to WOSM

To meet the requirements of the NSO annual reporting to WOSM, everything must be up to date or submitted by the deadline communicated in the yearly Circular. The deadline is usually 1 October. 
However, organisations are asked to keep the Members Portal up to date by updating information as soon as changes are made in the organisation or information becomes available. 
If your NSO is not able to provide the required information by the set deadline, please notify reporting@scout.org to discuss options and any support needed. 

Getting support

The Members Portal support team of World Scout Bureau staff are happy to support all organisations in being able to submit their annual reporting to WOSM or in navigating how to use the Members Portal. The team can be contacted by emailing reporting@scout.org.
The team is able to provide support in the languages of WOSM, English, French, Spanish and Arabic. If other language support is needed, please ask. 
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